Responsible Gaming

Olympic Entertainment Group has actively participated in the committees for drafting gaming legislation in its areas of activity, making proposals for achieving a responsible approach towards gaming. The Group has established the rules of social responsibility that set out requirements for subsidiaries that they are obliged to comply with the statutory requirements and take preventive measures to avoid gaming addiction. The rules also establish requirements for notifying clients of gaming addiction.

In all Group entities, the principles of responsible gaming are adhered to, the examples of which include:

  • We act with social awareness – we are proud of our high ethical standards
  • We ensure that we continuously develop our industry-specific knowledge
  • We are committed to legal and responsible advertising
  • We pro-actively enforce effective anti-money laundering measures
  • We provide safe, licensed and responsible gaming services
  • We rigorously respect customer confidentiality and privacy
  • Gaming is entertainment
  • We have established visitors’ minimum age and registration
  • Clients may apply a voluntary casino access restrictions
  • Our staff is trained to be aware of problem gambling
  • We offer help against problem gambling
  • We collaborate with problem gamblers groups

All our casinos have information materials that call for reasonable gaming and give information as to where help can be received. The Group also collaborates with several psychologists who help problem gamblers.