Company History

1993   Company founded by current Chairman of the Board Armin Karu
Opening numerous casinos in Estonia

1997   Opening of flagship Reval Park Hotel & Casino

2001   First casino opened in Lithuania

2002   First casino opened in Latvia

2004   First casino opened in Ukraine

2005   First casino opened in Belarus

2006   Listing on Tallinn Stock Exchange

2007   First casino opened in Poland
Listing on Warsaw Stock Exchange
First casino opened in Romania

2008   First casino opened in Slovakia

2009   Exiting Ukrainian market

2010   Entering online casino gaming market

2011   Exiting Romanian market
Recovery in all countries

2012   Entering Italian market

2013   OEG launches sports betting service OlyBet 
OEG acquires Latvian casino operator SIA Altea

2014   Start of construction of new upscale hotel Hilton Tallinn Park

2015   OEG’s first and biggest casino opened in Malta
OEG acquires Latvian casino operator SIA Garkalns
OEG acquires Lithuanian sports-betting operator UAB Orakulas

2016   OEG acquires Estonian casino operator AS MC Kasiinod
    Olympic Park Casino reopening in Hilton Tallinn Park hotel