Winnie the Pooh Hiking Club won the Poker League of Estonian Enterprises

Posted on 04.06.2004

Winnie the Pooh Hiking Club won “Spring Bluff 2004” – the Poker League of Estonian Enterprises, which was held by Olympic Poker Club from the 1st of March to the 31st of May. Ave Peetri from Hadler Group won the individual competition. The total of about 100 persons took part in the qualifying rounds of the Poker League of Estonian Enterprises at Reval Park Hotel&Casino.
According to Martti Aru, the Poker manager of the Olympic Poker Club two main prizes were given away at the “Spring Bluff 2004” – Poker League of Enterprises. “The enterprises were competing for the title of “Business Bluff 2004” – the Poker Master of Teams, the best individual Poker player was awarded the title of “Pokerface 2004”. According to Martti Aru the event was a success in every sense of the word: “Another Poker League of Enterprises for all the previous competitors as well as the new enterprises will take place this autumn already.”

The final round of “Spring Bluff 2004” on the 31st of May determined the rankings where the first position was held by Winnie the Pooh Hiking Club with 255 000 points, followed by the leader of qualifying rounds Hadler Group with 249 000 points. Third place was taken by Mobi Solutions who engage in the development of mobile connection solutions, the fourth and fifth place went to Euro RSCG Idea advertising agency and Estonian Cognac Club.

Although Hadler Group held a confident leader’s position after the qualifying rounds, they were beaten by the Poker team of Winnie the Pooh Hiking Club in the final. “Our good luck, feminine intuition and preparedness to take risks took the competition by surprise,” said Ainika Ööpik, the representative of Winnie the Pooh Hiking Club. “Mobi Solutions gave us fierce competition as well.” According to Ööpik none of the team members had ever tried their hand at Poker before. Ave Peetri, the manager of Hadler Group, believed the strength of Winnie the Pooh to be the fact that all the players of the qualifying rounds were also present in the final. “We had good players but unfortunately they did not collect any points in the qualifying rounds. Team is the source for strength!” was Peetri’s comment on the exciting final.

Ave Peetri who won the individual competition said that she had not been introduced to Poker before and learned the game during the courses organised during the qualifying final of “Spring Bluff 2004”. Peetri considers confidence to be the key to her success: “I believe that Poker is like business – keep your cool in every situation and proceed sensibly.” Veljo Otsason and Margus Räim took second and third positions in the individual final from Mobi Solutions.

Olympic Poker Club was founded in March 2003 and organises four Poker tournaments in the Baltic States every week and bigger tournaments once a month. Top events of the field are organised twice a year: Poker Championships and Anniversary Tour to mark Olympic Casino’s birthday. 460 players took part in the tournaments of Olympic Poker Club in 2003. Olympic Poker Club operates in Reval Park Hotel&Casino in Tallinn, hotel Radisson SAS Daugava Olympic Casino in Riga and the Olympic Casino in Reval Hotel Lietuvas in Vilnius.

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