Unaudited annual revenue of OEG exceeded the forecast by 189 million kroons

Posted on 15.01.2008

The annual revenue in size of 2.49 billion kroons (159.1 million euros) is affected by the good business results in forth quarter. Especially successful was the last quarter of the year 2007 for OEG in Polish market.

The result is also influenced by the opening of 7 new casinos in forth quarter of 2007 - 3 Olympic Casinos were opened in Lithuania, 2 in Romania, 1 in Belorussia and 1 in Ukraine. Since October 2007, after the acquisition of Ukrainian casino-operator Eldorado was finalized, business results of 5 Eldorado casinos were also consolidated with business results of OEG. The results of fourth quarter include 32.2 million kroons (2.1 million euros) of nonrecurrent revenue.

Announcing the unaudited consolidated operating results for nine months of 2007 the Group forecasted that annual revenue of 2007 will amount to 2.3 billion kroons (147.0 million euros).

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