Today - it is already the tomorrow

Posted on 27.06.2007

The year 2006 can best be characterised as a year of international activity and constant development of the organisation. Quite obviously no major changes can take place in the blink of an eye and above all success can be ensured by consistency and timely implementation of the right choices. The changes carried out in 2006 were conceived already in 2004 when we started to consolidate the executive functions on a corporate level. The group expanded and changes in organization became mandatory. Olympic Casino was an Estonian enterprise that had daughter companies in various markets. Each organisation was a separate entity operating on its own and there were just a few instances where the entire group could meet. We were facing the task of separating the strategic level of management from the operational level, as it was obvious that the currently utilised management philosophy had become obsolete.
Andri Avila
Andri Avila
Member of the Management Board

Today we are talking about an internationally operating enterprise with a head office for the direction and coordination of its activities. In its course new thoughts and ideas are being created, procedures and communication standards set up. This naturally presents the leaders of an organisation with completely new challenges with a high level of responsibility. Today, Olympic Casino is an international and multinational corporation with a head office consisting mainly of strategists and visionaries facing the task of ensuring a future for the entire company. This task includes for example developing a uniform brand strategy, engaging financial and human resources, analysing new markets and evaluating market potential.

On the other hand, the managers in variuos countries are shouldering the daily management responsibility and coordination of operations for their organisations. At this level, the head office of the corporation has another vital role to play, namely that of setting overall objectives and assisting the local executives to achieve these strategic goals.

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