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Posted on 29.06.2007

I see Olympic Entertainment Group as a strong company maturing in different areas, progressing from a local to a regional and then a pan-European company; from an entrepreneurial small and midsized company driven by strong entrepreneurs, to a large company with a delegated decision making process. The strength of the company is its proven track record, established by a strong and viable concept and supported by a highly dedicated and devoted staff.

Anders Galfvensjo
Anders Galfvensjö
Chief Expansion Officer
Member of the supervisory board

Today's general trend is towards consolidation, whereby many of the small operators will disappear and larger ones grow. The projected economic growth and increased living standards will create an increasing demand for leisure activities, including gaming. The Casino market in Eastern Europe has been growing in the past 10 years. We will grow with a handful of new potential markets and in 2007 we will focus primarily on expansion in Poland and Ukraine. Among the new markets, I believe that the two new EU members, Romania and Bulgaria, are interesting but we will keep our eyes on a number of countries. If there is a good opportunity to enter, you can be sure we will not miss it!

A good casino has a good location and offers an experience that goes beyond the visit - a positive feeling even after you have left the casino. The most important factor is the staff,
their professional skills and ability to offer not only good service, but hospitality; an environment where you actually feel welcome. Of the Olympic Casinos that I have had the pleasure of visiting so far, my favourite is Olympic Voodoo Casino in Riga. It is a great casino that offers all of the above plus an exotic and exciting environment.

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