Our Story

Posted on 27.06.2007

The more events there are in one year, the shorter that year seems to become. For us, the year 2006 saw very many pleasant events take place - the more important among them were the Initial Public Offering (IPO), the opening of the largest casino in the Baltic countries - Olympic Voodoo Casino, the takeover of the Baltic Gaming organization in Latvia, the Management Quality award that was granted to Olympic Casino Estonia, as well as several other more minor events. We opened in total 17 new casinos in all countries where we operate; and the Las Vegas-style casino concept has attracted new fans everywhere.

Today, we can say that we are the largest group in the Baltic's offering casino entertainment and one of the most rapidly growing companies in the whole region. Current development has brought us success in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and we can already enjoy reaping the benefits our new activities in Ukraine and Belarus.

By the year 2010 we intend to be the leading casino operator in Central Europe and operate in at least 10 countries. And I have no doubt that we will achieve this aim. Our biggest advantage is a very strong concept and our unique business model. The factors contributing to our success include the diversity of services, the best locations for our casinos and, of course, a professional team. It is definitely our ambition to be one of the "big players" and we will be relentless in our pursuit of this objective.

We want our story to be unique. We are very ambitious and we are not ashamed of that. We strive to prove that any endeavour can be successful when you put your heart and soul into it. Regardless of the time or place.

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