Olympic Entertainment Group Re-financed a Syndicated Loan

Posted on 01.11.2006

The company also decided in favor of premature termination of the facility agreement, having the total value of 492.9 million EEK (31.5 million EUR).

Re-financing of the loan will help the Group to cut its financial expenditures; the company will be no longer carrying the risk accompanying possible increase in interests, attributable to EURIBOR.

Plans for loan re-financing were not described in the offering prospectus. As the final price gained for the shares sold during the IPO was close to the predicted upper limit, the company shall have sufficient assets for funding the planned investments stated in the prospectus also after the re-financing of the loan.

For additional information please contact:
Andri Avila
Chief Operating Officer
Olympic Entertainment Group
Tel + 372 667 1250

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