Olympic Casino’s opening party in Jõhvi raised money for treatment of children with cleft lip and palate

Posted on 24.05.2006

Olympic Casino, the leading casino operator in Estonia, officially opened its Jõhvi casino with a party on 19th of May, donating around 12,000 kroons towards better treatment options for children with cleft lip and/or cleft palate in Estonia at the end of the evening.

In the picture Helen Tarmas, Olympic Casino’s Marketing Manager, is handing over the check to Mart Mikk, Chairman of Kuningas Arthuri Fond.

The amount of 11,812 kroons raised through a charity jackpot and wheel of fortune were handed over to Mart Mikk, Chairman of Kuningas Arthuri Fond, who was also the prime mover behind a remarkable concert in Jõhvi Concert Hall held to support a non-profit association Naerulinnud. The association brings together parents with children with cleft lip and/or palate and raises money to buy medical equipment, which costs 700,000 kroons.

A charity concert Kuningas Arthuri Gala helped raise 70,000 Estonian kroons. “While our primary aim was to bring the general public’s attention to the problem, raising 70,000 kroons, which is 10% of the cost of the equipment, is a remarkable achievement,” Mart Mikk said. “I want to thank all the performers and organisers of the concert, who worked free of charge. Also great thanks to Olympic for one-fifth of the raised money.”

Each year 15 to 20 babies are born with cleft lip and/or cleft palate in Estonia. This is a common and a very serious congenital abnormality, although treatable, necessitating several operations and repeated staying in hospital. The medical equipment for performing examinations costs 700,000 kroons, enabling also to identify most speech and language disorders that affect one in every two families in Estonia.

This year was the ninth Kuningas Arthuri Gala, in preceding years the money raised contributed towards the restoration of various cultural monuments. This was the first time for Olympic Casino to work with Kuningas Arthuri Gala.

According to Helen Tarmas, Olympic Casino’s Marketing Manager, Olympic Casino wishes to offer residents of Jõhvi high-quality entertainment, but also to address the region’s social issues as much as possible. “Although the money raised during the opening night goes to those in need all over Estonia, the residents of Jõhvi will also benefit from it,” Tarmas said.

Olympic Casino opened its first casino in Jõhvi at the beginning of May, an official opening party was held on 19th of May where performed the singer JZ Belle and the dance group Smile 4 You. Jõhvi Olympic Casino, designed in tropical style, is located in Jewe centre at 8 Narva mnt. The casino employs 14 people and players can try their luck at the 36 newest machines. There is a spacious bar and around-the-clock currency exchange in the casino.

The next large projects that Olympic will put its effort in include an international conference organised by the Junior Chamber International that will be held in Tallinn 14-17 June, a theatre project Nargen Opera on Naissaare, a bike show Estonian Bike Weekend in Tartu on 14-15 July, and a summer project Minust jäävad ainult laulud, a musical drama which speaks about partisans, in July-August on Suur Munamägi.

Olympic Entertainment Group is the largest gambling operator in the Baltic States, operating currently 19 casinos in Estonia, 40 in Latvia, 8 in Lithuania and 6 in Ukraine. Olympic Casino Eesti AS employs around 500. In 2005, Olympic Casino Eesti paid 52 million kroons in gambling tax.

The company operates in accordance with the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001. Olympic Casino is a full member of the European Casino Association (ECA) and a major sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

Contributions to support the treatment of children with cleft lip and palate in Estonia can be made to MTÜ Naerulinnud through Kuningas Arthuri Fond`s bank account 10444477777774 in SEB Ühispank or 221888888883 in Hansapank.

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