Olympic Casino supports young ski athletes with 50000 kroons

Posted on 12.05.2003

On Walpurgis Night, Olympic Casino organized a charity Walpurg event in Reval Park&Casino, where Olympic medal winner Andrus Veerpalu, representing the Estonian Ski Federation, received a check worth 50 635 kroons and 40 cents.
Much of the more than 50 thousand kroons was collected by Olympic Casino and its customers during April with a charity jackpot that receives money from each bet made on an Olympic Casino slot machine. During the evening, everyone had the chance to add a donation to the sum or participate in the ski contest, prediction contests and face painting. According to Olympic Casino's marketing manager Marje Braunbrück, the charity jackpot is always in effect in Olympic casinoes and gambling halls and it gathers the more money the more customer play. "Olympic Casino is happy to help young ski athletes make it to the top," said Braunbrück. She stressed that Olympic Casino is also the official partner of the Estonian Olympic Committee and a direct supporter of many other fields of sport.

Walpurgis Night was also the chance to see for the first time an entertaining, electronic ski game on the big screen, where competitors tried to beat each other at staying on the track. Andrus Veerpalu opened the game by putting in a target time which stood unbeaten for a long time.

Finally, the penultimate competitor, a lady in true Walpurgis mood, managed to defeat Estonia's top skier in the electronic game and was declared the winner. As an award, she received skiing equipment for the next winter. The catchy Walpurgis music was provided by LaMent, a band in colorful costumes.

Olympic Casino Group, founded in 1993, is currently the biggest gambling game operator in the Baltics. Today, already 14 casinoes in Estonia and 3 in Lithuania are part of the group. Olympic Casino Group AS provides work for over 400 people in Estonia. The company's work is in compliance with the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001.

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