Olympic Casino Poker Jackpot Exceeds Three Million Kroons

Posted on 13.07.2006

The all-time high poker jackpot at Olympic Casino now exceeds three million Estonian kroons. The jackpot system unites poker tables at Reval Park Hotel&Casino, and each bonus bet made when playing poker Oasis increases the jackpot.
At Reval Park Hotel&Casino, the poker Oasis can be played on three tables. In order to win the all-time high jackpot, all you need in addition to the basic bet is a bonus bet and a single combination – the Royal Flush. Whoever manages to get this hand, immediately wins the jackpot. 20% of the jackpot can also be won with ordinary Straight Flush.

The previous jackpot of the Oasis poker system was won in October 2004 – by that time, the sum had reached 1,786,498 kroons. Royal Flush, the hand required for winning the poker jackpot, consists of AKQJT of the same suit. Smaller sums (up to 10,000) can also be won in the poker bonus game with less striking combinations, such as Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush or Straight.

At the moment, the bonus winning possibilities are remarkable at Olympic Casino. In addition to the all-time high poker jackpot at Park Casino, extra bonus of the Cash Fever game machine system awaits a lucky winner at the Rocca al Mare Treasure Hall – this morning, the bonus exceeded the 1.7 million EEK limit. Any minute now, one of the visitors of Olympic Casino may become the owner of a red Citroen C3 – this car is the current ‘jackpot vehicle’ of the casino chain, and anyone who bets at least 10 sents has a chance of winning it.

However, much more luxurious vehicles can be won from Olympic Casino. Tomorrow, on July 13th, a sporty Jaguar S-Type will find its lucky owner at Reval Park Hotel&Casino, followed by revealing of the next jackpot car – SUV Saab 9-7X. The tickets required for winning luxury cars are issued for certain combinations at game machines and gaming tables.

Olympic Entertainment Group is the largest organiser of gambling in the Baltic states; we have 20 casinos in Estonia, 38 in Latvia, 8 in Lithuania and 6 in the Ukraine. Olympic Casino Eesti AS employs approx. 500 people; in 2005, the gambling tax paid by Olympic Casino to the Estonian state reached 52 million kroons.

Organisation of work at the enterprise complies with the international quality standard ISO 9001; Olympic Casino is a full member of the European Casino Association (ECA) and a major sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee (EOC).

Additional information:
Tarmo Kase, Executive Director, Olympic Casino Eesti AS
tel: 667 1250

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