Olympic Casino opened a second casino in Ukraine

Posted on 25.04.2005

Olympic Casino, the biggest gaming operator in the Baltics, will expand its activities in the Ukraine by opening its second casino in Kiev. The company has invested 25 million kroons into the casino located in and bearing the name of the popular Aladdin shopping and entertainment centre.

According to Marje Braunbrück, Olympic Casino marketing director, the company wants to be seen as the importer of quality entertainment on the Ukrainian market. “Our strategy is directed mainly at new clients. We are trying to expand our market and hope to improve the reputation of casinos by offering Las Vegas style casino entertainment to the Ukrainians,” said Braunbrück. The new Olympic Casino is the first theme casino of its kind in the Ukraine.

Marje Braunbrück does not see the intense competition on the Ukrainian market as a drawback. “On the contrary, it gives us the motivation to open four new casinos in the Ukraine during 2005,” she added. The gaming sector of the second largest European country is extremely fragmented: about 2700 different casino operators are active in the Ukraine, a country of 48 million inhabitants.

With its 340 square meters of floor area, the new Olympic Casino reaches through two floors and is equipped with 75 slot machines from the world best producers. The casino’s interior design was inspired by the Arabian themes. The visitor will find several cafes and restaurants in the Aladdin entertainment centre, in addition to the night club and even an ice rink and a multiplex cinema.

Olympic Casino entered the Ukrainian gaming market in last November, at the same time as the so-called Orange Revolution. The Ukraine also became the participant in Olympic Casino’s charity program already known in the Baltics, “A Good Deed in Every Bet”, which will support significant social and cultural projects. The first charity recipient has already been chosen and it is the Ukrainian Estonian Cultural Society.

Olympic Casino Eesti AS started in 1993 and is currently the largest gaming operator in the Baltics. Today, the chain already includes fifteen casinos in Estonia, five in Lithuania, four in Latvia and two in the Ukraine. Olympic Casino provides work for over 1000 people in the Baltic states and in the Ukraine. The company's work arrangement is in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, the international quality standard. Olympic Casino is also a sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

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