Olympic Casino in Lithuania

Posted on 29.06.2007

Olympic Casino started its operations in Lithuania in October 2001 when the first gambling license was issued to Olympic Casino Lithuania.

Today Olympic Casino has 16 casinos with gaming tables and slot machines in Lithuania. There are 59 gaming tables and 376 slot machines – 347 of them are connected to EZ Pay system.

Excellent Events

The Lithuanian gaming marketdevelopment has been very dynamic in 2006. By the end of the first half of 2006, the market share of Olympic Casino in Lithuania exceeded 50% and the total casino market exceeded 40%. Gaming operators added to their operations 45 new gaming tables and 120 slots machines. The main growth was concentrated in the capital Vilnius as two large Klaipeda and Kaunas based competitors entered the Vilnius casino market and a total of four new casinos were opened. Despite a sharp growth in competition, Olympic Casino managed to maintain its leading position in the market and increase its market share.

An employee satisfaction index was introduced as a main measure of our organizational vitality. In order to keep constant feedback from our employees we increased the frequency of employee opinion surveys. The number of employees has grown almost 12%. Main improvements on organizational level:

- Communication of company's goals and values as well as emphasis on them helped employees focus all attention on striving for the results
- Closer cooperation between divisions and higher attention on internal client needs resulted in solving everyday work problems faster and in more efficient ways
- New projects "Talents", "Mentoring" and "Client Service Training" were initiated
- New employees training and education projects prepared
- New Compensation and Motivation system was reviewed and installed
- Employee's attestation system was renewed
- New Training Center was founded and equipped.
- New process of Salary Accounting was installed.

According to the Olympic Casino mission statement we want to offer the highest standards of quality and entertainment possible in the casino experience, that is not as easy as is might sound. To keep the casino service on the highest possible level we employed many research tools. In addition to the regular customer satisfaction measurement activities we use "Mystery shopper" research to find out the smallest service quality details. Frequent research gave us a precise picture of our and our competitor's service quality. This research revealed both strengths and weaknesses which gave us valuable information allowing us to develop our service quality still further. We are proud to mention that Olympic Casino Lithuania Customer Satisfaction index is 8 out of 10. Our customers have noted that the most important factors which influence their choice are atmosphere of the casino, quality of service and location. According to our client's opinion, the Olympic Casino as a brand is mostly associated with excellent casino events, tournaments and its loyalty program. We are constantly looking for new and modern management approaches to enhance organization and maintain the best service for our customers.

The advertising/communication possibilities have been dramatically restrained during 2006, due to a ban of advertising of the casino industry as part of Lithuanian Gaming Law. More specifically indoor casino advertising is totally forbidden. All campaigns, prizes, offers and casino benefits have lost their appearance in such advertising positions as billboards, flyers, radio etc.

Probably the most successful image-building event of the year 2006 was Anniversary Event of hotel Lietuva. Elegant, open air and entertaining atmosphere has gathered more that 300 VIP casino guests. Exciting dance and song shows, fireworks and live classical music where offered during 5 hours of entertainment program. Also, the event was coverage in the biggest daily newspapers. So - where's a will, there's a way.

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