Olympic Casino has collected more than 28 000 kroons for Sillamäe orpanidge

Posted on 14.01.2003

Olympic Casino has supported a children’s home Lootus (hope) in Sillamäe with 28 150 kroons from the revenues from a Charity Jackpot, jewellery auction and donations. Donation to the children’s home is the first collected within the framework of the programme “A good deed in every bet” initiated to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company.
The amount of the donation delivered to the children’s home last Saturday was collected from three projects of charity carried out by Olympic Casino: a new Charity Jackpot, an auction of jewellery made by a jeweller Jevgeni Kampus and auctioned at Reval Park Hotel&Casino and voluntary donations gathered during the Old New Year’s celebration.

Similarly to the Mystery Jackpot of Olympic Casino, a fixed percent of every bet made in the new Charity Jackpot is used for charitable purposes. According to Marje Braunbrück, the marketing manager at Olympic Casino, the donation that was handed over to the Sillamäe children’s home last Saturday was the first of the planned similar events organised to celebrate the 10th year of activity of Olympic Casino. “The major part of the donation to Lootus, or nearly 25 000 kroons were gathered from the Charity Jackpot during the first week of January. The quick start looks promising and we hope to collect significant amounts, which will be given to the charity,” said Braunbrück. The head of the children’s home Tatjana Bajeva, who received the donation promised to use the money to replace the old furniture with new.

The company is hoping to gather from the Charity Jackpot 500 000 kroons in a year; a committee formed for this purpose will decide how to use the money. According to Marje Braunbrück the main targets are the cultural and social spheres. Olympic Casino is also continuing other initiatives of charity besides the Charity Jackpot. The amounts paid above the initial prices at last Saturday’s jewellery auction at Reval Park Hotel&Casino were donated to the Sillamäe children’s home. More than 2 870 kroons were collected at the auction and 756 kroons were donated by the participants.

The Olympic Casino Group that was established in 1993 owns a chain of casinos with 14 playrooms operating under the trade mark Olympic Casino. Reval Park hotel&Casino in Tallinn is the biggest in the Baltic countries. The group also owns three playrooms in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2003 the first Olympic Casino will be opened in Riga, the capital of Latvia.
Olympic Casino Group AS employs more than 400 people. The organisation of the company is in compliance with the requirements of an international quality standard ISO 9001.

For further information, please contact:
Marje Braunbrück
Marketing Manager
Olympic Casino Group AS
Phone (0) 667 1250

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