Olympic Casino collected more than 60 000 kroons for support fund of Avo Leok

Posted on 27.07.2005

On Thursday, July 21, the sequent charity event was conducted in Reval Park Hotel&Casino for the support of recuperation of Avo Leok, at the end of which Olympic Casino conveyed the cheque for 60 108 kroons to the support fund of the legendary athlete.
The charity project initiated by Olympic Casino at the beginning of July for the support of Avo Leok’s recuperation yesterday culminated in a concert, where the rock-group Polyphon made its first public performance after the 30-year break. “The opening concert of the tour of the legendary Polyphon attracted a great number of people, which helped us to put the utmost appropriate period to the Avo Leok support action,” stated Marje Braunbrück, the Chief Marketing Officer of Olympic Casino.

The final sum donated for the athlete’s recuperation constituted 60 108 kroons, the support cheque was accepted by Mati Heinsar, the chairman of the Estonian Motosports Federation. In addition to the previously collected means, Avo Leok’s support fund was supplemented during the yesterday’s event by the sums collected in the process of Olympic Casino monthly charity jackpot and charity draw.

The fund established by Olympic Casino for the support of Avo Leok’s recuperation was started at the afterparty of the Tennis Gala 2005 on July 5, when we collected approximately 18 000 kroons during the charity auction. The support fund obtained additional means during the Õllesummer Beer Festival, where Olympic Casino conducted the charity draw.

Avo Leok, one of the best Estonian motocyclists, broke the spondyl in May of this year as a result of severe fall during the WC stage in motocross in Holland, and stayed paralyzed in the lower body. According to the specialists’ estimations, Leok should undergo the spinal nerve operation, which in case of success would provide the athlete with an opportunity to stand on his feet again. For the support of Avo Leok’s treatment the Estonian Motosports Federation has also opened the current account in SEB Eesti Ühispank (c/a 10220045604011, Sõmerpalu Motor Club, explanation “Support for Avo Leok”).

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