Olympic Casino collected 27 000 kroons of donations for children deprived of parental care

Posted on 08.12.2004

Last Saturday Olympic Casino led a charity party in Reval Park Hotel&Casino where a charity fund created for children deprived of parental care received 27 000 kroons of donations.
“This event was the finale of our year-long charity campaign which we started together with Lions Club Tallinn Diana,” said Olympic Casino's marketing director Marje Braunbrück. During the campaign, 500 charity boxes were sent all over Estonia during last December. “Our cooperation partners and customers collected over 15 000 kroons into the returned boxes,” said Braunbrück with delight. “I wish to take this opportunity to thank them so much for this.”

In addition to the 15 000 kroons from the boxes, Olympic Casino added the charity jackpot collected during November and the sum was further increased by the charity lottery and roulette game thak took place at the party. The donation check was accepted by Kristel Praun, the representative of Lions Club Tallinn Diana, and Remo Holsmer, Kristiine's the city district elder.

All of the money will be donated through LC Diana to the orphans living in Tallinn at the patronage of their grandparents, to enable them to take part in activity groups, have hobbies or buy clothes and footwear.

Olympic Casino's and LC Diana's multi-stage charity project has already collected over 30 000 kroons for children. Most of the sum was collected during last Christmas with a unique electronic Christmas card. Also, 10 000 kroons were collected with the starting event of the calendar-boxes campaign.

Olympic Casino Eesti AS started in 1993 and is currently the largest gambling operator in the Baltics. Today, the chain already includes fifteen casinos in Estonia, five in Lithuania, four in Latvia and one in the Ukraine. Olympic Casino provides work for over 1000 people in the Baltic states and in the Ukraine. The company's work arrangement is in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, the international quality standard. Olympic Casino is also a sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

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