OEG filed an appeal against the 03.08.2018 injunction ruling of Harju County Court

Posted on 09.08.2018

Today, Olympic Entertainment Group AS (OEG), filed an appeal with the Tallinn Circuit Court against the 03.08.2018 ruling of the Harju County Court. OEG is of the opinion that the claims of the action are unjustified and the injunction unlawful, and is therefore asking the Tallinn Circuit Court to annul the ruling of the county court. OEG has not received the action itself.

With the appealed ruling, the court had banned increasing the share capital of OEG, on the basis of sections 4.7 and 4.8 of the articles of association, which was adopted at the general meeting of shareholders on 29 June 2018, and the registration of share capital of OEG increases on the basis of decisions of the supervisory board.

The court granted the appealed injunction in connection with an action from Aktsiaselts Trigon Asset Management against OEG, which seeks to establish the nullity of the resolutions of the general meeting of shareholders, or alternatively, to revoke the resolutions.

Madis Jääger
Olympic Entertainment Group AS
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