OEG consolidated unaudited results for Q1, 2009

Posted on 08.05.2009

Selected financial data, 3 months 2009:

Revenue: 		  	   	 	    489.7 million kroons 

EBITDA from day-to-day operations*: 16.8 million kroons
EBIT from day-to-day operations*: -81.9 million kroons

Extraordinary expenses, incl.

Non-capitalized investment expenses: -6.7 million kroons
Structure optimization and closure of casinos: -9.6 million kroons

Financial income and expenses net: 1.1 million kroons

Net loss before income tax**: -97.1 million kroons

€1 = 15.6466 kroons

*Ordinary business activity is referred to as business activity excluding investment activities, structure optimization, casinos closures, and financial income and expenses.

**Net loss before minority interest.

Full quarterly report can be found here (OMX link)

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