OEG: comment on building a new hotel and casino complex in Tallinn

Posted on 19.04.2013

Following the annual general meeting of shareholders of OEG that was held on 18 April 2013, some media channels published information about the plans of OEG to build a new hotel and casino complex in Tallinn on the place of the current Reval Park Hotel & Casino. 

The Group’s representatives confirmed that such plan is currently under development and assured the participants of the general meeting that shareholders will be notified through the stock exchange system as soon as a final decision has been made and/or necessary contracts for the implementation of this project have been signed.

OEG confirms that, as of today, no final decision has been made about the exact manner and timetable, therefore any information related to this issue that has been or will be published in the media is purely speculative and has no factual basis.


Madis Jääger
Olympic Entertainment Group AS
Tel + 372 667 1250

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