Middle-aged woman won 1.2 million kroons at Olympic Casino

Posted on 29.12.2004

At 12.23 am on Monday, December 27, a middle-aged Russian woman won the Mystery Jackpot of 1 253 302 kroons at the Olympic Casino's slot machine casino in Pae street in Tallinn.
The middle-aged Anna got the win from a 20-kroon bet made in the game Alien on a slot machine. The lucky winner could still not the believe the next day that she had become a millionaire. “I'll believe it, when I see the money on my bank account,” was the only comment Mrs. Anna offered. The winning sum was transferred to the new millionaire's bank account on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Olympic Casino's marketing director Marje Braunbrück, the loyal customers are usually well informed about the various additional wins like the Mystery Jackpot or the Car Jackpot. “The infrequent visitor may of course find it hard to believe that 20 kroons can make you a millionaire in the casino,” explained Braunbrück about the possible reasons behind Mrs. Anna's initial disbelief. The lucky winner lives close to Tallinn and promised that one of her first actions regarding the winning sum would be to buy an apartment in Tallinn. Anna refused to give more detailed comments, adding only that she will start making more specific plans when the money arrives.

The last Mystery Jackpot was won in the spring of this year when 23-year old Vitali won over one and a half million kroons at the Olympic Casino in the Rocca al Mare shopping center. Estonia's all-time greatest casino win was taken by 30-year old Jaan who lives in Tallinn and who struck lucky in September of this year thanks to a 50-kroon bonus bet at a poker table and won a total of 1.8 million kroons for getting the maximum combination – a Royal Flush.

According to Olympic Casino's marketing director Marje Braunbrück, it is precisely the Mystery Jackpot that gives the player the best chances for the grand wins, because any player regardless of the size of the bet or the time played is eligible to win the grand prize. “The Mystery Jackpot system unites all of the slot machines in the fifteen Olympic Casino casinos all over Estonia. A certain percent of each bet is added to the gradually increasing jackpot fund,” explained Braunbrück. She says that the jackpot will be issued by the computer system on the basis of random selection.

Olympic Casino Eesti AS started in 1993 and is currently the largest gambling operator in the Baltics. Today, the chain already includes fifteen casinos in Estonia, five in Lithuania, four in Latvia and one in the Ukraine. Olympic Casino provides work for over 1000 people in the Baltic states and in the Ukraine. The company's work arrangement is in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, the international quality standard. Olympic Casino is also a sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

Additional information:

Marje Braunbrück
marketing director
Olympic Casino Eesti AS
Tel: 667 1250

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