Middle-aged Man from Tallinn Won Half a Million Kroons

Posted on 01.11.2005

A middle-aged Russian man from Tallinn won 504,200 kroons on a slot machine at Reval Park Hotel&Casinos on October 28th. In October, all wins over 500,000 kroons at Olympic Casinos all over Estonia amount to 5.5 million kroons.
Friday’s big win was achieved by inserting 200 kroons, and the man was in complete shock due to having won half a million. Tarmo Kase, the managing director of Olympic Casino Eesti says that it was the second biggest slot machine win this year, and it seems that this machine is a very fortunate one indeed. “As a matter of fact, it was the same machine that yielded the biggest one-off casino win of all times in Estonia,” said Kase, and explained that 703,150 kroons was won on July 2 of this year.

In October, wins over 500,000 kroons occurred 63 times at sixteen Olympic Casinos all over Estonia, amounting to 5.5 million kroons. In addition to regular wins and bonuses, there is also an option to win the Mystery Jackpot connecting all the slot machines. It amounts to 693,267 kroons today, and a lucky person may win the Mystery Jackpot even by inserting a 10-cent token.

Likewise, a car-jackpot connecting all the gaming locations may be won at any moment at whichever Olympic Casino, the prize being sporty urban car Citroën C2. In addition, every casino has its own jackpot that may be won just at this casino at any moment.

The managing director of Olympic Casino recommends all casino-goers to target the Treasure Hall at Rocca al Mare shopping centre in the near future. “This casino presents four modern slot-machines connected into Cash Fever system, and thus offering extra winning option by means of progressive jackpot,” says Tarmo Kase. “At the beginning of this week, the Cash Fever surpassed the magic line of 600,000 kroons which is a clear sign that the growing jackpot will be won at any time now.”

Olympic Casino Eesti AS is a part of the Olympic Entertainment Group, the biggest gaming group in the Baltic States. It started its activities in 1993, and today it operates sixteen casinos in Estonia, seven in Lithuania, five in Latvia and four in Ukraine. Olympic Casino employs more than 1200 people in the Baltic States and Ukraine. The company runs its operations in accordance to the requirements of international quality standards ISO 9001. Olympic Casino is the sponsor of Estonian Olympic Committee.

Additional information:
Tarmo Kase
Managing Director of Olympic Casino Eesti AS
phone +372 667 1250, +372 501 2629

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