Increase of share capital

Posted on 21.07.2014

OLYMPIC ENTERTAINMENT GROUP AS (hereinafter as “the Company”) notifies the stock exchange of the increase of share capital by the issue of new shares. The increase of share capital relates to share option agreements concluded by the Company in 2011 and the exercise of options by option holders. 

The supervisory board of the Company has on 21 July 2014 adopted a resolution to increase the share capital of the Company by EUR 184,680.40 by issuing shares without nominal value. The amount of share capital of the Company after the issuing of new shares is EUR 60,716,482.40.

Under the share option programme approved in the Company’s 2011 general meeting the pre-emptive right of the shareholders to subscribe for new shares issued to comply with the share option conditions was excluded. 

The Company issues 461,701 new shares without nominal value with calculated value per share of EUR 0.40 at the time of adoption of the resolution of the supervisory board of the Company. The shares are issued without premium and the new shares are subscribed by option holders.

By the time of the adoption of the respective resolution of supervisory board, the option holders have subscribed and paid for the shares with monetary contribution to the bank account of the Company.

The issued shares will entitle the holder to dividends from the fiscal year of 2014.


Madis Jääger
Olympic Entertainment Group AS
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