In Tartu the biggest casino prize of all times was won

Posted on 28.10.2005

Yesterday 29-year-old Kaupo won 400,000 EEK on a slot machine at Tartu Olympic Casino. The winner of the biggest single casino win bought cognac to all players in the casino and promised to purchase a new car for his family for the sum won.
The 400.000 EEK prize was brought by the royal line of suits in the game of poker, the favourite game of the lucky winner, played on the Game King machine. “I attend casinos quite often and my attitude towards them is positive,” said Kaupo, who works as a project manager.

"Game at casino is primarily an entertainment for me, it does not make you rich,” he said, being very happy though that the sum on his bank account increased by nearly a half a million Estonian kroons. For the money won, the married father of two children plans to buy a new car for the family.

The prize won yesterday is the biggest one of all times at Tartu Olympic Casino, whereas at other casinos in Tartu a single machine win has not reached so high either. Comparable sums – 400,000 and 470,000 EEK – were won at Ülemiste Olympic Casino in Tallinn at an interval of nearly two weeks in this September.

The slot machines of Olympic Casino have given out winnings of at least 50,000 EEK for more than 3.7 million EEK in total. In addition to ordinary prizes and bonuses, the mystery jackpot connecting all the slot machines of Olympic Casino can be won. The sum of the jackpot is 648,600 EEK as of today. The mystery jackpot can be won with even a 10 sent bet. Also the auto-jackpot connecting all the casinos of Olympic Casino, which is the sporty city car Citroën C2 at the moment, can find a lucky winner at any moment. In addition to that, all the casinos have their own jackpot which can fall at that casino at any moment.

Olympic Casino Eesti AS, which started its activities in 1993, belongs to the Olympic Entertainment Group – the biggest organiser of gambling games in the Baltic States. At present there are sixteen casinos in Estonia, seven in Lithuania, five in Latvia, and two in the Ukraine. Olympic Casino employs more than 1,000 persons in the Baltics and the Ukraine. The work organisation of the enterprise is in compliance with the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001. Olympic Casino is sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

Additional information:
Tarmo Kase
executive manager of Olympic Casino Eesti AS
ph: +372 667 1250, +372 501 2629

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