In Olympic Casino exclusive off-road vehicle Jeep Grand Cherokee was drawn and a new car jackpot was put up: Jaguar S-type

Posted on 26.01.2006

In Olympic Casino the exclusive car jackpot campaign, the culmination of which was the draw of Jeep Grand Cherokee this Wednesday, was completed. The king of off-road vehicles was won by Irina, an inhabitant of Lasnamäe.
The car jackpot „The Size Counts” was started in Olympic Casino already in last summer. Those entering the final round were established in the course of intermediate draws conducted in all Olympic Casinos all around Estonia. More than 2,000 tickets entered the final of the campaign. With the help of a prize-drawer, 37 of the tickets were drawn on the roulette table, and the lucky winner established around midnight among these 37 was a client of Pae Olympic casino, who was driven in the Jeep to the prize ceremony in Reval Park Hotel&Casino.

The same night a new car jackpot was started with the grand prize being an ultraviolet Jaguar S-Type 3,0 Executive with 6-speed automatic transmission, 17-inch aluminum wheels, leather interior and many safety and luxury accessories. Which is extraordinary about the car jackpot is that 100,000 kroons will be drawn as extra prizes three times.

To become the owner of the Jaguar, you only need to visit an Olympic Casino and taste your luck of gambling a bit. The tickets are distributed for certain combinations both on slot machines and tables, whereas intermediate draws will take place at all Olympic Casinos from February to July, followed by draw of the Jaguar.

In addition to the named Jaguar, Olympic Casino has put up more cars as extra prizes to its clients. In Tartu Olympic Casino, a sports car Mazda RX-8 will be drawn in June. The Mystery Car Jackpot, which unites all Olympic Casino slot machines and can be drawn at any Olympic Casino at any moment, is Citroën C3. No other Estonian casino can boast with such prizes.

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