Hundreds of casino tourists were attracted by the poker tournament held in Tallinn

Posted on 29.11.2005

The high-level poker tournament Anniversary Tour 2005, which took place, last week from Wednesday to Sunday, attracted hundreds of foreigners in Tallinn. The card players from 11 countries took part in the competition with the prize fund of 2 million kroons.
The general winner of the tournament was Andreas Hagen from Norway, who won the first place in two categories. The biggest fight, with the fund of nearly million kroons, was held on Saturday and was won by Jonas Esbo from Denmark, who gained 279 000 kroons in one evening. The Estonian players were among the nine best during all the five match days; they gained from 6000 to 65 000 kroons.

The poker tournament Anniversary Tour, comprising all the three Baltic States, takes place for the third time already under the leadership of Olympic Casino. Both the number of participants and the prize fund have grown with every year. According to the marketing manager of Olympic Casino Helen Tarmas the prize fund of this year competition all alone was nearly 2 million kroons, which makes this tournament in every respect a considerable competition place for the European poker players and attracts high-level casino tourists in Tallinn.

The participants from 11 countries all over the world checked in this year’s competition. In addition to the players from the Baltic States, competitors from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Great Britain, Bulgaria and Australia arrived.

The joint tournament held in the capitals of the three Baltic states Anniversary Tour 2005 started in Vilnius on November 9 and went on the before last week end in Riga. The fight in Vilnius was won by Antanas Bakaitis, Aleksander Klepatš from Estonia managed to be the best in Riga.

The biggest casino chain in Estonia, Olympic Casino, was set up in 1993 and is part of the biggest gambling managing enterprise of the Baltic States Olympic Entertainment Group. At the moment 16 casinos in Estonia, 7 in Lithuania, 5 in Latvia and 4 in Ukraine act under the brand name Olympic Casino. Olympic Casino gives work to over 1200 people in the Baltic States and Ukraine. The organizing of work of the Estonian Olympic Casino corresponds with the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001. Olympic Casino is the sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

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