Good location and pleasant service are deemed important for a casino

Posted on 17.01.2006

At the end of last year the marketing research company Ariko conducted a satisfaction study of Olympic Casino clients and now the study results have been analysed. It's a pleasure to state that nearly all Olympic Casinos have gained high ratings for services, professional expertise of the personnel and security issues.
The respondents were asked to take into account the level of services, professional expertise of the personnel, security, indoor air quality, interior design and cleanliness, selection pf slot machines, their placement and technical status, and the quality of the casino bar. All Olympic Casinos gained the average rating of at least 8 points on a 10-point scale, for a number of casinos the average rating was even higher than 9 points.

We asked our clients the direct question “What is important for you to like a casino?” In response we learned that primarily the important issues are location and services. Our clients dislike small, dark and cramped gaming sites. As could be expected the favourite site of our respondents was our representative casino – Reval Park Hotel&Casino.

We would like to thank all respondents to our questionnaires, in total over 800 people. As a thank you present we have drawn a travel voucher for 12,000 kroons among the respondents. The lucky winner was Valentina who has by now already managed to cash in the winnings.

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