Glamorous Jaguar S-Type drawn in Olympic Casino

Posted on 27.07.2006

On 13 July night a 30-years old citizen of Tallinn won in Olympic Casino the exclusive Jaguar S-Type car – the main prize of the campaign that lasted half a year. At the same time the new car-jackpot was launched with fireworks and a shower of money and the powerful SUV Saab 9-7X as the new main prize will remain on display in front of the Reval Park Hotel&Casino up to next January.

Picture featuring the Jaguar winner

Jaguar-campaign started in Olympic Casino in January. This car-jackpot was special because it was the first to include also three draws for additional prizes of 100,000 kroons each. The finalists of the car-jackpot were found with intermediate draws taking place in Olympic Casinos all over Estonia. More than 2,600 tickets in all reached the campaign finals. On Thursday Lady Fortune assisted in drawing 37 of these to be placed on the roulette-wheel and at midnight one was chosen as the lucky winner.

The tickets needed to participate in the intermediate draws were distributed for certain combinations. To become the owner of a Jaguar the winner only needed to visit a casino and try her luck for a bit. The 30 years old resident of Tallinn, Svetlana Rajevskaja is currently working in Finland and happened to acquire the winning ticket only recently when she visited the Habana Olympic Casino located in Tallinn, Kopli. She was overjoyed for being favored by Lady Luck. Svetlana’s chances weren’t great, as she participated with only one ticket, but still she was the one luck smiled upon.

Olympic Casino’s next car-jackpot with the luxury SUV model Saab 9-7X will be drawn in Reval Park Hotel&Casino next January 17. This campaign will also feature additional prizes of 100,000 kroons each, to be drawn three times. But any moment now one Olympic Casino visitor may also become the owner of the red Citroën C3, as this is currently the car-jackpot main prize of the chain of casinos, to be won at a random moment in any casino by playing with the merest minimum bet of 10 cents.

Olympic Entertainment Group is the largest organiser of gambling games in the Baltic countries, operating 20 casinos in Estonia, 38 in Latvia, 8 in Lithuania and 6 in the Ukraine. There are more than 500 people working in Olympic Casino Eesti AS. In 2005 Olympic Casino Eesti paid 52 million kroons in gambling taxes to the Estonian state.

The company’s job management complies with the requirements of the international quality management standard ISO 9001. Olympic Casino is a full member of the European Casino Association (ECA) and a major sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee (EOK).

Additional information:
Tarmo Kase,
executive manager of Olympic Casino Eesti AS
Phone 667 1250.

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