Gambling Tax Act Council granted supports in the total amount of over EEK 11 million

Posted on 01.09.2002

The Government allotted Gambling Tax Act revenues in the amount of EEK 11,223,023 on August 5. Gambling Tax Act Council selected the projects and organisations subject to support on the basis of applications submitted in the first half of 2002.
Estonian gambling organisers pay taxes every year pursuant to Gambling Tax Act and the Government allots the revenues to support health, culture and the rural districts. School kitchens, kindergartens, sports facilities, youth centres, social houses, libraries and community centres were among the first recipients of allotments. Gambling Tax Act Council, made up of 9 members from the Riigikogu and the ministries shall decide over the allotment of supports. The total amount of Gambling Tax paid by Olympic Casino in 2001 was EEK 17.7 million.

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