Estonian recognised as Guinness record-holder

Posted on 03.08.2006

An Estonian show dealer Intan Pragi received an official confirmation that his record attempt made last February, which entailed a non-stop 48-hours spinning of a roulette wheel, had been recognised as a Guinness World Record.
According to Intan, the time gap between setting a record and receiving an official certificate issued in Great Britain was one and a half years. "Now it seems that the record attempt was possibly the simplest part of it all," the Olympic Casino’s show dealer commented on the paperwork with the UK-based Guinness headquarters in London.

In order for a record to be recognised, a continuous video recording of a record attempt was to be sent to London, submitted together with the written evidence given by judges and witnesses. "Then some papers were lost and I had to send them again," Intan explains. "Some time during the process I almost gave up hope, but all’s well that ends well." Whether the officially certified world record merits a place in the next Guinness Book of World Records will become clear in following months when a new edition is published.

The attempt to set a record undertaken on 18-20 February 2005 in Reval Park Hotel&Casino made Intan the first casino dealer in the world who had played roulette non-stop for 48 hours. The record attempt for spinning a roulette wheel, which began at noon on Friday and lasted until Sunday, was the first one in this category of the Guinness World Records. In two days Intan spun the roulette wheel 1653 times, the statistics is available for all spin results.

The dealer was allowed a 15-minute rest after each 8 hours during the 48 hours required for the record attempt. Intan said that the hardest were the final 2-3 hours. "I asked myself “What am I doing here?”," said the dealer. "Fortunately there was a special programme on in the Olympic Casino at the time and a lot of people present, this kept me awake."

Aimar, a resident of Tallinn, attempted the record together with Intan and hold out two days as a player on the other side of the roulette table counting all the times the roulette wheel was spun. During these 48 hours Intan was tipped 13,205 kroons, which he gave to a family with five children in Keila.

Intan Pragi has been working in Olympic Casino since 2000, mainly at the gaming tables in Reval Park Hotel&Casino.

Olympic Entertainment Group is the largest gambling operator in the Baltic States, operating 20 casinos in Estonia, 38 in Latvia, 8 in Lithuania and 6 in the Ukraine. Olympic Casino Eesti AS has a staff of around 500 people. In 2005 the company paid 52 million kroons in gambling tax to the state.

Olympic Casino operates in compliance with the requirements of the international quality management standard ISO 9001. The company is a full member of the European Casino Association (ECA) and a major sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

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