Estonian casino dealer set a Guinness world record on Sunday

Posted on 22.02.2005

On Sunday at 12 am, the show dealer Intan set a new Guiness world record, making him the first casino dealer in the world to have played the roulette 48 hours straight. The roulette game that started on Friday noon will go down as the first of its kind in the history of the Guinness world records. During the two days and nights, Intan spun the roulette wheel a total of 1653 times.

During the 48 hours allocated to the record, Intan received 13 205 kroons worth of tips which he will donate to a five-children family in Keila. “I wish that all five children in that family had the chance to get themselves school supplies and clothes and maybe something else they desired,” said Intan.

Aimar from Tallinn accompanied Intan in his record, lasting also 48 hours as a player on the other side of the roulette table and also counting the times the roulette wheel was spun. No big wins were won at the Guinness record table since the bets were low, with the minimum bet being 10 kroons and sometimes even just 1 kroon. “I chose this strategy on purpose, so that there would always be players at the table. As you can see, it worked – all six places were constantly taken,” explained Intan.

After being awake for 48 hours, Intan feels tired, but the doctors confirm his condition is fine. “I would say that staying awake was more easy than I had expected. The most difficult time was 5-6 hours before the record was set,” said Intan. “I would not do something like this immediately, but in the future – who knows,” remarked the new record owner.

Intan has an agreement with the Guinness headquarters so that his record will be printed in the Guinness book of records, if he is successful. Therefore, Intan’s next move will be to send the continuous video footage of the record to the Guinness headquarters in London, along with the written statements of the judges and witnesses. Intan himself will continue his professional work in the Reval Park Hotel&Casino in Tallinn.

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