EEK 1.57 million, the biggest casino prize of the Baltics, was won in Olympic Casino.

Posted on 10.04.2003

On Monday, at 6.17 PM a 44-year old man won the biggest one-time prize ever won in the Baltics, EEK 1.577.410 and 64 cents, in the Olympic Casino gaming machine casino at the Baltic station (Balti jaam). The record-breaking prize was won in the Mystery Jackpot electronic bonus-prize system that connects all the Olympic Casino chain gaming machines in Estonia.
The winner, an agricultural entrepreneur, said he begun to spend his free time regularly in casinos last summer. "This was not an easy victory, I have lost many times on previous times I have played," commented the fresh casino millionaire on his prize. "Yet I am sure that those who play more, have more chances to win," added the winner who wished to remain anonymous. According to him, the victories are, of course, more pleasant than the losses. "And, even if I do not win, the casino tax is used to support sports and culture," said the winner.

Olympic Casino casino operations manager Hando Sutter says the company feels very happy for the winner. "This major prize once again proves that the casinos offer, in addition to high quality entertainment, real opportunities to win," Sutter said. He emphasized that it is namely the Olympic Casino Mystery Jackpot system that offers the best chances to win a mega-prize, because the main prize can be won by any player - the probability does not depend on the size of the bet or on the height of the player.

The winner said he had been playing for many hours on the gaming machines on Monday. "There had been a zero-score for a long time, and I thought I would try the maximum bet - EEK 72 - for a couple of times to see if I'd go home as a loser or as a winner," reflected the casino winner. Although all the lights lit up on the gaming machine on the instant of the jackpot, the man did not at first realize the extent of the prize and tried to continue playing. "I was approached by a security guard who took me aside, and told I had just won the jackpot. I found it hard to believe at first and kept asking if they were making fun of me," described the happy winner his emotions from the previous evening.

The casino millionaire, who produces and trades agricultural goods intends to invest the money into the development of his business. "If you look at the prices of modern agricultural machinery, one and a half million is not that large of a sum. Yet it helps me to reach my goals much faster," admitted the winner happily. The Olympic Casino Mystery Jackpot system connects the gaming machines of ten casinos of the chain across Estonia.

A certain percentage from every bet goes to the growing jackpot fund. The Jackpot winning instant is decided randomly by a computer system; the size of a bet made does not influence the probability of winning.

Although it is by no means easy to win the jackpot, the gamers can be certain they receive the whole sum if they win. A casino jackpot can only be won by a single person, making it different from numerous lottery games where many players can have the same winning combination and the main prize must be shared.

In addition to the Mystery Jackpot, Olympic Casino introduced a new charity jackpot in January of the current year, operating on the same principles: a certain percentage from every bet made on gaming machines goes to the charity fund. The new jackpot is part of the Good Deed By Every Bet charity project that lasts throughout the year and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Olympic Casino. The Sillamäe orphanage Lootus, Estonian Union Of Sports For The Disabled and the Pegulinna Birth Clinic have received support during the first two months of the charity jackpot. The next Olympic Casino charity jackpot, collected until the end of April will be used to support young skiers.

Olympic Casino, the biggest casino chain in the Baltics (established in 1993), opens a representative casino operating under the Olympic Casino brand in Riga, and the biggest casino of the Baltic states in Vilnius. The chain is comprised of 14 casinos in Estonia and 3 in Lithuania. Olympic Casino Group AS employs more than 400 people in Estonia. The work organisation of the company is designed in accordance with the ISO 9001 international quality standards.

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