Posted on 19.06.2008

The activities of Olympic Entertainment Group are based on four key corporate values: passion for service, entertaining, rewarding and responsibility.

Being responsible means among other things that we act as good citizens. We regularly attend charitable programmes and, through that, support social initiatives that are aimed at improving our living environment.

As a socially responsible company, Olympic Entertainment Group allocates a certain amount of its budget for charity every year. The main areas that we support are sports, social sphere and culture.

As for sports we mainly support events that are most popular among the markets we are operating. Joy of participation and excitement that is provided by competitive sports unites nations and countries, which is why Olympic Entertainment Group has for years been cooperating with national Olympic Committees in Estonia, Poland and Belarus. In other countries we cooperate with various sports federations.

In the social sphere we prefer project related to children since we believe that children have a high need for assistance, support and developing activities.

As for its third action trend, Olympic Entertainment Group focuses on promoting culture. As elsewhere, in addition to the high artistic level of the music, film or theatrical performance, we always look at the size of the project since this is our wish to bring enjoyable cultural experience to as many people as possible with the help of Olympic Entertainment Group.

A strong brand is both a responsibility and an obligation. We are happy to contribute to development of society.

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