Charitable lottery to support rare animal species

Posted on 05.09.2002

A charitable lottery with the prize fund of £ 20 million i.e. EEK 490 million will be organised in Uganda, Africa to help to protect a rare species of gorillas endangered by extinction. The lottery is organised by a special purpose commercial association Wildlife Win that invests its total operating profits into various nature conservation projects all over the world.

They hope to raise profit in the amount of half a million pounds i.e. EEK 12.2 million, for which the organiser plans to by a nature reserve in the vicinity of the habitat of this rare gorilla species. The tradition of charitable lotteries is a common practice in the world, but in Estonia the number of such lotteries is still small. The same function is indirectly fulfilled by the Gambling Tax paid to the Government by the organisers of gambling.

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