Changes in OEG and OCE Management Boards

Posted on 17.11.2011

Olympic Entertainment Group
Changes board/management/auditors

Madis Jääger to become the new chairman of the management board of OEG; third member to join the board

The supervisory board of Olympic Entertainment Group has confirmed Madis Jääger, current member of the management board, as the new chairman of the management board starting from 1 January 2012. Current chairman of the management board Indrek Jürgenson will continue as board member and Meelis Pielberg will become the third board member.

Chairman of the management board Madis Jääger will be responsible for overall and financial management of the Group, Meelis Pielberg will manage so-called land-based casino operations and Indrek Jürgenson will develop and manage online casino

The expansion of the management board and re-division of the responsibilities of board members enables the Group to focus more on developing the operations of its online casino

Meelis Pielberg, the new board member of OEG, has worked in OEG since 1996. In 2006 he became the head of development of Olympic Casino Eesti (OCE) and he has been chairman of the management board of OCE since 2009. Meelis Pielberg owns directly and by controlled companies in total of 29,355 OEG shares.

The management board of Olympic Casino Eesti AS will be chaired by Aigar Hain who has been working in the company since 1998 and in the last five years has been the quality manager of both the Group and its Estonian subsidiary. Aigar Hain owns directly and by controlled companies in total of 1,700 OEG shares.

Additional information:

Madis Jääger
Member of the Board, CFO
Olympic Entertainment Group AS
Ph +372 667 1250

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