Changes in management of Olympic Entertainment Group and its subsidiaries

Posted on 03.09.2009

The main areas of responsibility of the chairman of the management board, Indrek Jürgenson are general management and the implementation of development projects. The member of the management board, Kristi Ojakäär will be responsible for financial management and for investor relations.

Since 2003, Indrek Jürgenson has been working in the position of director of information and communication technology of OEG. He is a graduate of the specialty of physics/informatics of Tallinn University. Mr Jürgenson does not own any shares of OEG.

Kristi Ojakäär started her employment in the financial department of OEG in the year 2005 and as of the year 2007, she has been working in the position of financial director of OEG. She is a graduate of the specialty of business administration of Tallinn Technical University and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in business finance in the above University. Kristi Ojakäär owns 1450 OEG shares. Ms Ojakäär is also a member of the management board of Maarjamäe Kinnisvara OÜ.

In the framework of the continuous program of restructuring and optimization, and in connection with the expiration of their contracts, as of October 2009, Tarmo Kase, the director of the subsidiary company of OEG – Olympic Casino Eesti AS –, and Andrus Koha, the director of the Belarus subsidiary company FE Olympic Casino Bel, will leave the company. The new director (CEO) of Olympic Casino Eesti AS will be the development director Meelis Pielberg and the duties of the director of FE Olympic Casino Bel will be performed by Saulius Petravičius, the director of the Lithuanian subsidiary company UAB Olympic Casino Group Baltija.

Additional information:

Andri Avila
Executive director
Olympic Entertainment Group AS
Phone +372 667 1250

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