Car Jackpot Peugeot 206 CC won at Olympic Casino today

Posted on 01.11.2004

Today, in the afternoon of October 29, the car jackpot in the form of a sports convertible Peugeot 206 CC was won at the Olympic Casino’s Treasure Hall casino. The winner with the lucky bet turned out to be Rein from Tallinn. Immediately after hearing about winning the car, Rein unexpectedly won another major win of 40 000 kroons.
“At first I simply could not believe I had won when the bells started ringing and the lights started flashing at the casino. It's still hard to believe!” rejoiced Rein an hour after the winning game. “In fact, we were just about to go shopping for a new car with our family this weekend. I change vehicles quite often. Now, I have a nice surprise for the others,” said Rein. An additional small shock also came from winning the 40 000 kroons immediately after winning the Peugeot. Rein puts the winning luck down to chance: “I have never won anything large before, neither in lotteries nor casinos, but today is just that special day.”

According to Olympic Casino's marketing director Marje Braunbrück, the car jackpot was given by the Double Bucks game on the Game King slot machine. “Olympic Casino's car jackpot is based on the Mystery Jackpot system, therefore the win comes completely at random and everyone is all the more happy for the occasion,” commented Braunbrück.

Rein advises all who dream about winning something big to start with small bets: “I also always play with small bets.” Today's bets of 50 and 100 kroons, with which Rein won the car and 40 000 kroons respectively, are exceptions to his own rule. “I go to casinos to entertain myself. They offer good coffee here, you can take some time off and leave the workday behind,” said Rein.

The last car handed out at the Olympic Casino was a Peugeot 206 won at the same casino by Nadežda from Tallinn at the end of May this year. The next vehicle, an exclusive SUV Porsche Cayenne, will be drawn on November 30. According to Marje Braunbrück, the new car jackpot will be a bright blue Renault Megane. “This can be won at any casino of Olympic Casino by playing on any slot machine, except for the Reval Park Hotel&Casino that has its own car jackpot and except for the Kallavere casino,” explained Braunbrück.

Olympic Casino Eesti AS started in 1993 and is currently the largest gambling operator in the Baltic States. At present the chain already includes fifteen casinos in Estonia, four in Lithuania and four in Latvia. Olympic Casino provides work for over 900 people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The company's work arrangement is in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, the international quality standard. Olympic Casino is also the sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

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