Blackjack tournament with a million kroons prize money call for participants

Posted on 08.08.2006

The largest blackjack tournament in the Baltic Sea countries "The Baltic Sea Blackjack Tournament 2006" calls for participants to enter preliminary rounds in Estonia, which last until 15th of October. Participants can play in Reval Park Hotel&Casino in Tallinn and in Olympic Casino at Poe Street in Tartu, there are also prizes for the best of preliminary rounds.
Participants at least 21 years of age are encouraged to take part in the tournament’s preliminary rounds in Estonia. Entry fees start from 25 kroons, but you can also compete in groups with entry fees of 100, 300 or 500-kroons. Those advanced from the preliminary rounds will have a tough competition on 22nd of October when the Estonian Championship in Blackjack is being held and seven best blackjack players will gain entry to the final round of the tournament in Latvia. The prize money of the Estonian competition is 101,000 kroons.

"The Baltic Sea Blackjack Tournament 2006" with representatives from seven countries is the seventh in row. The final round of the international tournament will be held on 4th of November in Riga in a recently opened Olympic Voodoo Casino. Estonians have taken part in this high level blackjack tournament before; two years ago Estonian players snatched the first place both in the individual and team standings, earning 600,000 kroons in one night. This year’s final competition prize money is almost 900,000 kroons. To win the title back Estonians have to compete with teams from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Russia and Poland.

Priit Pajumaa, "The Baltic Sea Blackjack Tournament 2006" project leader in Estonia, encourages everyone who is remotely interested in this kind of entertainment to sign up for the tournament. "A player’s cost is limited to the entry fee, afterwards virtual tournament points are used," Pajumaa explains. The cost of one game covers dealing of 21 hands. At the beginning of a game each player will be given 1000 points worth of tournament chips and the aim is to increase the amount of chips by the end of the game to earn a place in the charts.

According to Pajumaa, the best players of the month in each of the four groups will win money prizes. “50% of entry fees goes to prize money for the month’s best players. Last year the most popular group was the group with 300-kroons entry fee where Jüri, the best player in August, grew his 1000 points into 10,615 with 21 hands and won this way 8550 kroons," he said.

For those who have not played blackjack before, Olympic Casino offers an entertainment package Must Jaak (Black Jack) intended for parties of up to seven members to enjoy themselves and learn basics of blackjack. The package includes an instruction on how to play the game, a cocktail and a free entry to "The Baltic Sea Blackjack Tournament 2006". This is all free, but you have to sign up in advance in the casino or on telephone 1677. In addition, all who have entered the Must Jaak campaign have a chance to win a prize of a luxurious limo drive and an entertainment for seven for one evening.

Blackjack is an entertaining game of cards where players play against a dealer. Each card carries a numeric value and the object of the game is to have a hand with the highest value without going over 21. In a tournament the players are competing against each other. Starting with the same amount of chips, each player tries to grow the amount of chips to win the others.

Olympic Entertainment Group is the largest gambling operator in the Baltic States, operating 20 casinos in Estonia, 38 in Latvia, 8 in Lithuania and 6 in the Ukraine. Olympic Casino Eesti AS has a staff of around 500 people. In 2005 the company paid 52 million kroons in gambling tax to the state.

Olympic Casino operates in compliance with the requirements of the international quality management standard ISO 9001. The company is a full member of the European Casino Association (ECA) and a major sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

Further information:
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