Best professional boxers met in Narva

Posted on 03.09.2002

Professional boxing show Kärsten Will Return with participants from four countries was held at the Narva sports house Energia on August 20. The competition, sponsored by Olympic Casino, was won by Andrei Alifanov.

The boxing match was held in Narva for the second time with athletes from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Among the strongest professional boxers of Estonia Alexei Krat, Dmitri Pratkunas, Valeri Semiðkur, Andrei Alifanov and Andres Kärsten, after whom the tournament was named, participated this year. Kärsten is the first Wold Champion in professional boxing in Estonia ever, he is the owner of the official WBU title, that he won by beating Scotland’s representative Lesly Butch in London. The popular Narva tournament was organised by the Federation of Estonian Professional Boxing by the initiative of Aleksandr Karavajev. Olympic Casino sponsored the tournament also last year.

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