Announcements released by Olympic Entertainment Group AS

Posted on 08.05.2009

Date               Information
3.01.2008       OEG opened its 15th casino in Ukraine
14.01.2008     REPORTING CALENDAR IN 2008
15.01.2008     Unaudited annual revenue of OEG exceeded the forecast by 189 million kroons
18.01.2008     Cancellation of the preliminary contract for the acquisition of AS Admirāļu Klubs
22.01.2008     OEG invested EEK 22 million in the new casino in Romania
6.02.2008       Olympic Casino launches casino operations in Slovakia
21.02.2008     Olympic Entertainment Group AS 2007. unaudited operating results
22.02.2008     OEG opened its first rebranded casino in Ukraine
7.03.2008       OEG changes management of two subsidiaries and sets up a new subsidiary
26.03.2008     Changes in the management of OEG Ukrainian subsidiaries
16.04.2008     OEG opened a new casino in Ukraine
23.04.2008     OEG`s subsidiary Olympic Casino Eesti AS 2008 Q1 unaudited revenues
23.04.2008     OEG opened 5th casino in Romania
29.04.2008     OEG opened casinos in Ukraine and Poland
6.05.2008       Announcements released by Olympic Entertainment Group AS
9.05.2008       OEG consolidated unaudited operating results for Q1, 2008
20.05.2008     The Decisions of Annual General Meeting
22.05.2008     Olympic Casino opened casino in Ukraine
27.05.2008     OEG opened re-branded casino in Ukraine
5.06.2008       Conclusion of loan agreement
20.06.2008     OEG opened its first casino in Slovakia
1.07.2008       Reorganisation of structure
2.07.2008       OEG opened the 22nd Olympic Casino in Ukraine
17.07.2008     Olympic Entertainment Group to make several changes in its management structure
18.07.2008    OEG's subsidiary Olympic Casino Eesti AS 2008 H1 unaudited revenues
8.08.2008      OEG unaudited consolidated operating results for the first half of 2008
14.08.2008    Decisions of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of Olympic Entertainment Group AS
18.08.2008    The merger of OEG`s Latvian subsidiaries
28.08.2008    Change in substantial shareholding
9.09.2008      OEG opened a new casino in Poland
10.09.2008    OEG opened 23rd Olympic Casino in Ukraine
6.11.2008      OEG unaudited consolidated operating results, 9 months of 2008
27.11.2008    Conclusion of loan agreement
31.12.2008    REPORTING CALENDAR IN 2009

Between 1 January 2008 and 08 May 2009, AS Olympic Entertainment Group has released the following information through the stock exchange systems:

Date                Information
12.01.2009      OEG`s subsidiary Olympic Casino Eesti AS 2008 unaudited revenues
29.01.2009      OEG opened its second casino in Slovakia
27.02.2009      OEG unaudited consolidated operating results of 2008
20.04.2009      OEG`s subsidiary Olympic Casino Eesti AS 2009 Q1 unaudited revenues
8.05.2009        OEG consolidated unaudited results for Q1, 2009

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