Additional listing of Olympic Entertainment Group shares

Posted on 11.05.2007

Today, on May 11, 2007, the Committee decided to satisfy the listing application of Olympic Entertainment Group AS and to list additionally on the TSE Main List the 75 400 000 shares of Olympic Entertainment Group AS. The decision entered into force immediately upon taking and publishing.

The first listing day of the shares in the TSE Main List is the next trading day (inclusive) after the shares are transferred to the securities accounts of investors, May 15, 2007. The new shares will be transferred to the securities acoounts of shareholders on the May 14, 2007. Until registration of the increase of share capital in the Commercial Register and re-registration of
the new sharesin the Estonian Central Register of Securities, the new shares are marked in the trading system by a trading code different from the earlier shares.

Therefore, 75,400,000 additional shares (ISIN:EE3804084020) of Olympic Entertainment Group AS are traded on the Main List of the Tallinn Stock Exchange under the separate name OEG2T as from May 15, 2007.

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