A Record Winning in the Amount of 1.56 Million Estonian Kroons Was Won in an Olympic Casino

Posted on 01.06.2004

During the last hour of Saturday, the 29th May, a 23-year-old Vitali won 1,557,602 kroons in the Treasure Hall Casino in the Rocca al Mare shopping centre in Tallinn. The largest casino winning of the last year in Estonia was received by the winner thanks to a bonus winning system called Mystery Jackpot, which incorporates all the slot machines of the Olympic Casino Eesti chain of casinos.
Vitali won the record winning drawn at 22:35 o’clock by playing the Deep Pockets game. The amount of the bet was only 25 kroons at this moment, but the player was surprised to receive a jackpot in the amount of 1.56 million kroons. The young man said that he started to visit casinos about two years ago, but Lady Luck had not provided a fortune as big as that to him before.

“It is still very hard to believe that I won such a large sum of money,” rejoiced the currently unemployed Vitali on Monday morning. “I do not yet have a specific plan for what to do with the winning. Perhaps I will use the money to establish my own company,” planned the brand-new casino millionaire. “I am sure I will try my hand at gambling in the future as well, because casinos are very nice places to spend your time in.”

Vitali, who is currently living with his parents, came to register his winning with his mother, who said that the entire family rejoiced over Vitali’s gaming luck. The mother also said that she does not visit casinos very often, but at the same time she supports her son. “When adhering to moderation, gambling is a normal hobby and Vitali plays in a very reasonable manner,” the mother said in a positive tone. She also said that they would probably consult Vitali’s uncle, who is employed in the sphere of tourism, on how to invest the money from the winning and how to establish the potential company.

The last Mystery Jackpot was won a little more than a year ago, on 7 April 2003. The lucky winner was a man active in the sphere of agriculture, who was placing his last bet of the evening in the Olympic Casino in the Balti Railway Station in Tallinn. The largest one-time winning won in the Baltic States up to that time reached 1,577,410 kroons and its winner promised to invest the sum in the development of his company.

According to Marje Braunbrück, the Marketing Director of Olympic Casino, Mystery Jackpot gives the players the best chances for getting large-scale winnings because any player can win the main winning despite the amount of his or her bet or the length of the gaming time. “The Mystery Jackpot System incorporates all the slot machines in all 15 Olympic Casinos all over Estonia. Every bet made gives a sum corresponding to a fixed percentage to the ever-increasing jackpot,” Braunbrück explained. She says that the time when a jackpot is drawn is determined by the computer system on the basis of random choice.

Marje Braunbrück says that Saturday was exceptionally full of winnings in the Treasure Hall. “At first, our car jackpot Peugeot 206 was drawn by Nadezhda from Tallinn. Then we played out 100,000 kroons and then, when we were waiting for the winner of 100,000 kroons to arrive, the long-awaited Mystery Jackpot was drawn,” said Braunbrück happily.

Olympic Casino Eesti AS, which was established in 1993, is today the largest organiser of gambling in the three Baltic States. The chain of casinos comprises 15 casinos in Estonia, four casinos in Lithuania and one casino in Latvia. Olympic Casino employs almost 900 people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The work organisation of the enterprise complies with the international ISO 9001 quality standard. Olympic Casino is also a sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

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