A Peugeot was won at Olympic Casino Rocca al Mare slot casino

Posted on 13.03.2003

On Wednesday, March 12 at 5.00 p.m. Peugeot 206 was won at Olympic Casino Rocca al Mare slot casino on a slot machine. The fresh car owner with a lucky hand is an Estonian, 34 years old; the monetary value of the prize is EEK 170,000. The award was hit on slot machine IGT Game King with a stake in the amount of EEK 30.
According to the Marketing and Sales Manager of Olympic Casino Marje Braunbrück the jackpot type prizes are hit on slot machines by random selection and yesterday’s winning was no exception. “This is the second Peugeot that has been won at the same Rocca al Mare slot casino,” Braunbrück commented the jackpot. The prize - Peugeot 206 - is one of the most popular passenger cars in Estonia.
To our knowledge Olympic Casino has drawn the greatest number of car jackpots, compared to other Estonian gambling enterprises. In addition to yesterday’s Peugeot, Mercedes Benz SLK at the topical casino Moulin Rouge of Grand Hotel Tallinn and the car jackpot between all slot casinos of Olympic Casino - BMW X-5 land rover – have been drawn in the past six months. Rocca al Mare slot machine casino will soon get a new car jackpot; the make and model are not decided yet, said the Marketing Manager of Olympic Casino. At the moment BMW 3-series Coupé with sporty outfit and class-C Mercedes Benz can be drawn as the first prizes of various games at Olympic Casino.

Olympic Casino slot casino “Treasure Island” is located at Rocca al Mare shopping centre; there are 35 slot machines in the slot casino, the majority being modern multigame machines. Olympic Casino invested almost EEK 10 million into the construction of Rocca al Mare slot machine casino; the casino is open around the clock.

Public limited company Olympic Casino Group that was founded in 1993, owns a casino chain operating under trade mark Olympic Casino with fourteen slot casinos, among which is also the largestu8ikj casino of the Baltic region - Reval Park Hotel&Casino in Tallinn and three slot casinos in Vilnius, Lithuania. The first Olympic Casino will be opened in Riga, the capital of Latvia in 2003. The company paid 50 million kroons as taxes in 2001. Olympic Casino Group AS employs over 400 people in Estonia. Company’s work organisation is corresponding to the requirements of the international quality standard ISO 9001.

Additional information:
Marje Braunbrück
Marketing Manager
Olympic Casino Group AS
Phone (0) 667 1250

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