A car jackpot of Peugeot 206 was handed over to the winner in an Olympic Casino

Posted on 11.06.2004

On Wednesday, the 9th of June, Olympic Casino handed over the recently won car jackpot – a Peugeot 206 – to Nadezhda from Tallinn and did it in an Olympic Casino named Treasure Hall. Nadezhda had won the brand new vehicle exactly ten days ago in the very same casino.
Marje Braunbrück, the Marketing Director of Olympic Casino, congratulated the new car owner and said that since the car jackpot of Olympic Casino is based on the Mystery Jackpot system, it can never be predicted when the jackpot will be drawn. “But this made more surprised and happy about the lucky coincidence,” said Braunbrück.

“I still cannot believe my luck!” rejoiced Nadezhda when holding the keys of her new car for the very first time. “At first I thought that this must be a joke,” she said. Nadezhda said that she has been lucky before when in a casino: “I have managed to get winnings of ten to twenty thousand kroons more than once.”

According to Nadezhda, her family has had different cars throughout the years, the last one being a BMW. “I like Peugeot a lot as well. I am sure I will try my luck in the future as well – maybe I will manage to win something exciting,” noted Nadezhda hopefully.

According to Braunbrück, the new car jackpot is also a Peugeot, but this time a sports version of the model – a convertible 206 CC. “Now you can win a Peugeot car jackpot in any Olympic Casino, playing on any slot machine. There is one exception though – Reval Park Hotel&Casino, which has its own car jackpot,” Braunbrück explained.

During the evening when the Peugeot 206 found its new owner, another important event took place in the Treasure Hall Casino in the shopping centre of Rocca al Mare: a twenty-three-year old Aleksander draw the largest casino victory of this year – 1.56 million Estonian kroons. Just before the midnight, Aleksander draw the record winning with the help of a 25-kroon bet in the Deep Pockets game.

The previous car won in an Olympic Casino was a Range Rover worth one million Estonian kroons, which was drawn in May this year. Another Range Rover of the same value and containing plentiful equipment was drawn a couple of months earlier, in March.

Olympic Casino Eesti AS, which was established in 1993, is today the largest organiser of gambling in the three Baltic States. The chain of casinos comprises 15 casinos in Estonia, four casinos in Lithuania and one casino in Latvia. Olympic Casino employs almost 900 people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The work organisation of the enterprise complies with the international ISO 9001 quality standard. Olympic Casino is also a sponsor of the Estonian Olympic Committee.

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