Posted on 27.06.2007

Olympic Casino is an international brand that operates in very different markets. Being responsible for the day-today operations of all our companies makes our work extremely interesting. All the countries, in which we operate are different. Olympic Casino as a brand is international, but all our activities in different countries are first and foremost based on local conditions. Think global but act local is what applies also for our Group and our operations.
Mart Relve
Mart Relve
Member of the Management Board

The implementation of our strategic objectives requires that a uniform facade is maintained and developed across all markets, in which we operate. In the Baltic States customers have already come to associate the Olympic Casino brand name with the highest standards of service and safety. Besides promoting our own brand and services, our Group is investing considerable efforts in improving the image of gaming industry as a whole.

Maintaining and developing quality non-gaming events in Olympic Casinos is a vital part of our marketing strategy, which is aimed at transforming casinos into entertainment establishments. In addition, we are willing and able to demonstrate that gaming, when organized in a safe and controlled environment, can offer quality entertainment without the perils that are customarily associated with games of chance.

The values of Olympic Casino are expressed in all our actions. We are trying to be as creative and enthusiastic as possible in developing our activities. After all, our goal is to offer Las Vegas-style entertainment in all our casinos. Despite the fact that in 2006 we gave out 17 cars to our customers and more than 830 000 EUR was won with Mystery Jackpots, we believe that what matters the most is the playfulness and entertainment of the services that we provide.

Our customer base in different markets is relatively similar. Approximately 80% of our customers are male and 20% female, generally aged over 26. The average customer of Olympic Casino is a local resident with earnings somewhat above the local average.

Being an international company, we have a very strong team of managing directors that head the Group companies in different markets. They are leading our local organisations that are responsible for the excellent results of 2006 and in the coming years.

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