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OEG’s operating segments unaudited gaming revenues for the Q2 and 6 months of 2017

Posted on the 13. July 2017

Gaming revenues before gaming taxes by operating segments (in EUR millions)

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The Italian subsidiaries of OEG have merged

Posted on the 04. July 2017

The merger of OEG’s Italian subsidiaries, Slottery S.r.l. and Jackpot Game S.r.l. has been completed. During the course of the merger Jackpot Game S.r.l. merged with Slottery S.r.l. The aim of the merger was the adjustment of the group’s structure.

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OEG: The Lithuanian subsidiaries of OEG are merging

Posted on the 09. June 2017

The Lithuanian subsidiaries of OEG, Olympic Casino Group Baltija UAB and Orakulas UAB have concluded a merger agreement on 7.06.2017. The merger will be finalised within the current year and during the course of the merger Orakulas UAB will merge with Olympic Casino Group Baltija UAB.

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